With over 200 years combined experience, YOU cannot receive a better or more FUN education then the staff of Blue Region Scuba.  With Blue Region Scuba, you can enjoy the underwater world in a SAFE, comfortable and higher quality education of the underwater world.  There is no comparison in Eastern North Carolina in qualifications of our instructors.   All others are pale in comparison.



Larry Cox

Co-owner of Blue Region Scuba, Larry started his career in 1958 with his first purchase from Sears & Robuck catalog of a total diving system.  His career led him to the military and diving.  He served in Southeast Asia and was discharged with honors from the Marine Corps.   Larry is certified in 7 certification agencies and chooses to teach under the PADI banner.  As a Platinum 5000 inductee, he has thousands of dives in all conditions.  Larry has been teaching over 35 years and teaches all realms of sport diving as well as Technical Diving.  Being deligated to the store responsibilities, Larry teaches the Diving Leadership and Technical Courses for Blue Region Scuba.  Larry\'s love is photography and spearfishing off the NC Coast.


Marilee Cox

Co-owner of Blue Region Scuba started her career in diving in 1988 with certifications in 4 different agencies with Padi being the premier agency for her to teach and develop divers with.  Marilee is an Instructor Trainer with Padi that make a difference in the industry.  When anything happens with Blue Region Scuba, you can bet that Marilee is behind it starting from the accounting department to the activities of Club Aquarius.  Marilee is the CPR/FA instructor for BRS and the Instructor Trainer for the staff.

Adam Blakeman

DiveMaster Candidate

Bio Coming Soon


 Tim Murry

PADI Divemaster Candidate

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Dr. Bill Albrecht

Bill is a PhD in psychology and is currently in private practice in Greenville, NC.  Bill has been diving ever since his hair was actually a color other than grey giving him a great deal of time in this great sport.  With family in the Florida Keys, Bill has done extensive diving both there and in the great state of North Carolina.  You will find Bill helping with the students in most classes in the pool and the open water.

Bill is certified in 2 agencies for teaching scuba with Padi being his main teaching platform.  Bill is certified to teach:


  • Emergency First Response
  • Adventure Diver
  • Bubblemaker
  • Discover Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Computer Aided Diving
  • Boat Diving
  • Night Diving
  • Equipment Techniques
  • Boat Diving
  • Rescue Diver
  • Specialty Diver
  • Advanced Open Water
  • DiveMaster



Shannon Woolard

As part of a life-long dream as a young man, Shannon began diving in 1990 when he certified through Blue Region Scuba as an open water diver.  Since then, he spent his time diving the waters of North Carolina and parts the Caribbean exploring the endless wonders they have to offer.  In 2016, a staff position with Blue Region Scuba became available and Shannon eagerly accepted the position.  Holding the certification level of Padi Divemaster, he now spends his time working with students and sharing his experiences and knowledge with new and experienced divers alike.  As he moves forward to his full Padi Instructor ranking, Shannon is always looking for new dive buddies, diving experiences, and rarely passes up on an opportunity to dive.  If you are interested in learning to dive, or are a seasoned diver, stop by Blue Region Scuba and see how you too can become part of the Blue Region Scuba, Padi 5 Star family.

Ricky Williams

PADI Divemaster


Bio Coming Soon


Joseph Martin

Padi Divemaster 


Bio Coming Soon


 Eddie Johnson

PADI Divemaster Candidate

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Jim Mason

PADI Master Scuba Diver

PADI DiveMaster

PADI Assistant Instructor


Jim started his diving career in 2011 being certified as an Open Water Diver in November.  After his introduction to cold water diving, Jim had a passion to dive each and every week during the year and racking up over 125 dives by November 2012!  Jim has progressed through PADI's ranks and became a PADI Master Scuba Diver, and then a PADI DiveMaster in December 2012. Shortly after, he reached PADI Assistant Instructor.  Jim is a firm believer in continued training after being initially certified as an open water diver. Jim specializes in the following specialties:

Underwater Navigation

Night Diving

Deep Diving

Boat/Wreck Diving

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Rescue Diver

Search And Recovery

Enriched Air Diving

Decompression Procedures and Advanced Nitrox

EFR – Primary Care & Secondary Care & AED

Jim currently works in the Insurance field, and previously spent many years in the Financial Services field.

Bob Hunter

Bob is retired from the US Air force with 20 years of service as an Aircraft Armament Systems Specialist.  During his military career, he had the opportunity to live in or visit many states in the USA and 11 different countries.  He participated in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm as well as campaigns in Bosnia, Turkey and Italy.

Bob now lives in Goldsboro with his wife Donna of 26 years who is also an avid scuba diver.  They have three children, Jessica, Buck and Jacob.

Bob had worked as an LP Gas service technician for 11 years and is currently with Amerigas.

His hobbies include fishing, hunting, golf, camping, boating and of course Scuba.

Bob is devoted to Mar Mac Volunteer Fire Department where he is a Captain.  He is a member of the Board of Directors, Honor Guard and state certified Search and Rescue Team.  His training includes Firefighter 1 and 2, swift water rescue, ATV rescue, EMT & Underwater Rescue and Recovery.

Bob first developed his interest in diving while stationed at Anderson AFB, Guam in 1979.  He became a very active diver through involvement with the volunteer fire department.

Bob is in the PADI DiveMaster program.

Rick VanSteen

PADI Divemaster

PADI Assistant Instructor

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